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Case Studies:

College Athletics / Scholarship Fundraising

With a name like Uppercut Promotion, we’d have to love sports right?
Uppercut has been helping high school and college teams promote their team and their fundraising events for years.

​Western Carolina University Catamount Club raises money for athletic scholarships for their student athletes. For the past five years we have brainstormed along with the Athletic staff, to come up with fan gear to be given out at fundraising
 golf tournaments, from drinkware, to valuables pouches, Golf course flags, mirror socks, car magnets, polo shirts and t-shirts.

 In addition to these events, Uppercut has provided Donor appreciation gifts.  What will it cost to get it to your donors?  With our direct mail experience, we know how important the cost of distribution is.
What do you send in the mail, that mails flat, fits in an off the shelf , envelope and has a high perceived value?  We’ll find that item for you!
You name it, we’ve provided it, cost effectively, imaginatively and on time!

  • Training Kits

    One of the worlds top Firearms manufacturers trains thousands of law enforcement officials each year in the proper maintenance and repair of their firearms.  Class kits include materials for 35 students and consists of several printed documents, coil bound booklets, stitch bound booklets, parts and a few promotional items. Uppercut can do that!  We print, package and kit pack all of the materials needed for one class into cartons in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Corporate Apparel

    T-shirts, polos shirts, dress shirts and caps, Uppercut is a high volume purchaser of all types of Corporate apparel.  What does this mean to your company?  Great prices AND great quality.  Our screen print and embroidery facilities are second to none in terms of quality and capacity.  Our apparel purchases and great credit allow us to purchase at advantageous prices, decorate and deliver top quality apparel at very competitive prices. 

  • Fulfillment


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